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Bebio Gel and Polish brings you a range of attractive colors that cater to varied tastes and preferences. Be it a soothing pastel shade, rich, dark colors, or glittery hues, you will find the collection simply irresistible. Once applied, the nail polish dries within seconds, so you don’t have to worry about smudging.

Along with each nail polish, there is a matching shade of nail lacquer. While you might think these aren’t really necessary, they actually do a lot more than just add thickness to nails. Once you apply, the nails get a lustrous look, which enhances the overall appearance that is incredibly alluring. Moreover, a lacquer bonds to the nails and ensures the nail polish lasts for longer.

Prolong every regular polish manicure and pedicure while protecting natural nails from discoloration. Stock up on a few sets for yourself, so you can experiment with different styles as often as you like.

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