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Color Club has a couple of extremely wonderful collections called Color and Halo that will leave you enthralled with their stunning and mystical hues and tones. Whether you prefer sober colors, dark shades, or dazzling tints, everything is available right here!

These top quality nail polishes easily last for about 2 or 3 weeks, and that is without getting chipped so they always look like they were just done! Touchups are also more convenient, as a dab of polish to fill the gap that indicates nail growth, will nicely do the trick.  It is possible to add length, but it is easily painted directly on top of your natural nails, just like traditional nail polish.

Using the UV light means that the gel polish dries really fast. Forget those troublesome smudges, dents, and waiting forever. You can apply the nail polish, wait for a while, and happily go about daily tasks!

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