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When you look at the entire range of Crea8tion, it is very difficult to decide which colors you should buy and which ones are to be left out – the dramatic and spectacular shades captivate your attention right from the start.

These soak off gel polishes dries swiftly so you can stop worrying about smudges, dents, and waiting for a long time before you can go about your daily routine. Moreover, they don’t require hurtful and damaging drills and extensive filing.

If you need to change the color of your nails for the night to match your dress, it can be done in a jiffy with these soak off gel polishes. All you have to do is use traditional nail polish and paint on your gel nails. Remove the color when you are ready with a non-acetone remover. There are no chemical involved in gel nails so they are safe and don’t give off unwanted odors.

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