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Gelish + Morgan Taylor

Upgrade your gel nail polish collection with the latest Gelish + Morgan Taylor range – it combines two of your favorite brands and is available in elegant and beautiful shades.

Gel polishes when properly applied, cures itself to the nail through UV or LED light. This process makes the polish much stronger chemically than acrylic polish and lasts up to two weeks without chips or damage. If your nails are prone to breakage, gel nail polish might be the solution your nails need. Gel polish cannot be easily removed, thus it is the perfect way to protect your fragile nails from the elements.

Luckily, gel polish dries in less than a minute. There is no long waiting periods or needing to keep your hands idle while your color dries.  A thinner coat is needed to create bold color, so it is much more flexible when it comes to experimenting with different styles.

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