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Kiara Sky Dip Powders offer an excellent and time-saving technique to getting your nails done in time for an upcoming event or occasion.  Amazing colors are available that you will find hard to resist!

The process is pretty simple, which means this could be a great option for at-home manicures. Not having to hit up a nail salon to get an acrylic or gel polish done would certainly save some dough. You also don’t need to worry about dust inhalation, as you do with acrylics or with UV exposure, as you do with a gel manicure. It is also safe as the nail bed isn’t harmed or damaged in any way.

After dipping your nails into the powder, you seal the color with a protective clear polish. It is an easy process, and the nails dry instantly. If done correctly, the results can last up to four weeks – sounds impressive, right? Start shopping now!

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