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If you are looking for premium quality nail lacquer that comes in exciting shades, Kiara Sky Gel and Polish is the perfect range to shop from!

If your nails are particularly weak, or prone to splitting easily, then these nail lacquers can help to strengthen and protect them. Our nails take a fair old battering during our daily routines, and gel polish helps to protect them. Once applied, it acts as a natural barrier against dirt and pollutants.

When using regular nail polish, the drying process can take up to several minutes. These types of nail polish are more prone to smudges and chips because of the longer drying process. Kiara gel lacquers dry up in only a few seconds, freeing up the time to get on with your day. No more wasted hours wafting our hands about to dry those nails!

Time to upgrade your nail polish collection – go right ahead!

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