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Did you know that OPI dip powders can last for 8 weeks (provided you want to let it grow out that long)? Good luck getting even two weeks with gel polish! A French manicure is a breeze with dip powder - perfect smile lines every time.

Dip powders are much safer as compared to traditional acrylics and gel polish, since they contain ingredient called methacrylate which weakens nails beds. OPI doesn’t use that component in any of their formulations so your nails are 100% safe.  Since dip powder doesn’t contain methacrylates, you will notice how strong your natural nails have become, even after your first manicure.

To put it in a nutshell, dip powder is actually a healthy alternative to acrylics. They have no monomer odor when applied, can be done in half the time as acrylics, and soak off easier than gel polish (no scraping!), leaving the nail undamaged and beautiful after removal.

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