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Swarovski Crystalpixie - Exotic East Pixie


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The hundreds of tiny crystals in each five-gram shot of Crystalpixie™ create a mesmerizing 3-D effect that is like fingers dipped in stardust. Candy Land offers a dreamy and romantic look with pearly pastels and muted iridescents, while Starry Night brings a gothic sophistication through dark femme fatale hues. Comic Pop is vibrant and fun with a playful nod to 80s excess, and Exotic East takes the elegant opulence of the Orient and marries it to the West’s high-octane glam. Each style can be applied to a variety of nail lacquer shades to maximize their brilliance and beauty.

Like the ever-popular Crystalpixie™ Petite, Edge is stylishly packaged as a neat 5-gram shot. But the difference is in this baby’s distinctive sharply faceted bottle cap. It reflects just what’s so brilliantly eye-catching about the wonder-dust stored inside. Featuring a bigger, super-sharp bi-cone cut, each of the thousands of loose crystals has a spikiness that differentiates Edge from other Crystalpixie™ nail art products.