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Want a long-lasting manicure that is safe from chips or cracks for more than a couple of weeks? Young Nails Acrylic Nail Powders is exactly what you are looking for! It has great longevity and comes in incredibly striking colors.

Getting dip powder nails is not rocket science. You can get them done by a professional or do it yourself at home. You need three things for it, which is a base coat, a dip powder of your choice and a sealant.

While even the basic manicure takes a long time to dry, dip powder nails dry instantly and you don't have to put your hands under the harmful UV rays for this purpose. A lot of cost cutting can be done with dip powder. You don't always need a professional to get them done.

These powders are odorless so you don’t have to inhale pungent smell of chemicals, while getting your nails done.

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